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Regional Transportation Plan 2045

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Stride Forward, the Regional Transportation Plan is now available for public comment from March 2nd to April 2, 2023
Welcome to Stride Forward

Residents like you are ready to find solutions to our biggest problems. That’s why MetroPlan is bringing Northern Arizona communities together to build our region’s long-term transportation plan, Stride Forward. This plan will direct our transportation investments for the next 20 years.

Stride Forward will assess the region’s existing and future transportation needs to develop a transportation plan that includes roadways, transit, bicycle, pedestrian, and accessible transportation. The process considers expected changes in population and the economy, and the land uses needed to support them when planning for Greater Flagstaff’s transportation needs!


Residents like you know that realizing this vision means we must tackle some big challenges, like climate change and affordability, and we must do it together. Stride Forward is how we’ll get there.

When everyone gets involved, we can build a transportation system that makes our communities proud and does our environment justice.
In Stride with You! 

The future is unfolding right in front of our eyes. We can find solutions to the issues we face every day and build a transportation system that lives up to our unlimited potential – but we’ll only get there when you join your neighbors and meet this moment head-on.


To move forward together, MetroPlan will evaluate the effectiveness of various transportation design strategies to meet our region’s mobility, accessibility, and climate action goals. The Stride Forward team of MetroPlan and its consultant, Burgess & Niple, will then seek your input on this evaluation to frame public policy recommendations. Stride Forward will be a policy document and identify what is needed and how acceptable it is to the public to achieve Flagstaff’s climate goals and mobility needs.


You’ve spoken before through your votes and input to other plans...and we heard you! This update considers those plans and with your input builds on them to recommend an integrated strategy for walking, biking, transit, and cars that includes construction projects and schedules and transportation services, technologies, and programs.

Onward and Upward

Changing course is at times desirable, necessary, or both. How we choose is key. MetroPlan will share two (2) scenarios for your consideration, Onward and Upward, and evaluate them against new policies and perspectives brought by our changing world.


Onward since the Blueprint 2040 transportation plan, there are new information and policies on climate, social justice, and equity, even the nature of our daily work lives. Will we face these new realities by moving “Onward”, a scenario that stays the course on current land use and transportation plans? Can we venture “Upward” to meet these challenges in new ways?  

Learn more about these scenarios and how we describe and measure them.



To create the finest

transportation system in the


Partner Agency Focus Group
Meet your sidekicks

You’re the hero on this journey, but every hero needs a sidekick! 


MetroPlan is proud to be part of your sidekick team. Your sidekicks are made up of organizations from across Northern Arizona who work alongside residents to create the finest transportation system in the country. Your sidekicks include:


City of Flagstaff

Coconino County

Mountain Line (NAIPTA)

Northern Arizona University

Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT)

Local businesses and organizations

Social service agencies

And Individuals like you!

Have questions or need more information?
Contact MetroPlan Project Manager, David Wessel at or by phone at 928.699.3053.

Let's Stride Forward, together
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