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Flagstaff Trip Diary Survey

What Is a Trip Diary Survey?

The Trip Diary Study is a periodic survey of Flagstaff area residents' travel patterns and mode selection. Randomly-selected participants are asked to keep a log or "diary" of their travel for one assigned day in October. Respondents also complete a survey regarding their attitudes towards travel and transportation in the region.

Purpose of the Survey

The Trip Diary Survey provides detailed information about travel patterns in Flagstaff, and helps guide transportation policy and decision-making. In particular, the trip diary survey approach is the most accurate way to compare travel patterns among modes, such as private vehicles, transit, walking, and bicycling.

Previous Surveys

The 2018 Trip Diary Survey is the third conducted in the Flagstaff area. The FMPO updates the survey every six years to assess changes in travel patterns over time and to monitor the effect of transportation policies and improvements.

Additional Information

For additional information about the Trip Diary Survey, please contact David Wessel.

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