On this page, you will find Stride Forward documents and resources for download and review.
Virtual Public Meetings

A big thank you to those who attended the October 2022 Virtual Public Meetings. It was a great opportunity to connect and learn more about your vision for the future of transportation in Flagstaff! If you were unable to attend, please take a look at the videos below. 

Download & view the presentation here:

Regional Snapshots

The following videos and papers are provided by the City of Flagstaff. Each video and paper provides a brief background on the topic and evaluates current conditions in the region as part of the Flagstaff Regional Plan.


Numerous topics like Land Use, Transportation, Economics, and more will be shared here as they become available. To learn more, visit:



The transportation webinars cover the Flagstaff region's automotive and active transportation landscape. The transportation 101 webinar focuses on automotive transportation and the region's infrastructure, while the 201 webinar focuses on bike and pedestrian infrastructure and recreational trails


These background and research documents help to inform the policies, projects, and programs for us to Stride Forward, together.

The Literature Review will be used early in the planning process to help inform MetroPlan and their advisory committees.

The Plans and Policies review will be used to inform Stride Forward by building off of existing plans and policies. 

The Socioeconomic Profile examines historical data on population and employment and identifies trends that may affect the accessibility analysis, policy planning, and project delivery for the study area.

Process Documents 

These documents help MetroPlan and our partners to keep moving forward in meaningful ways.  

MetroPlan convened an advisory group to provide broader input on the Stride Forward planning effort. This advisory group includes economic development, sustainability, road maintenance, citizen-at-large, and member agency interests.

This document summarizes MetroPlan's stakeholder engagement for Stride Forward from January to March 2022.

The purpose of these outreach events was to solicit feedback from community members on their willingness to change their driving habits by reducing their Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT).

Survey Results 

MetroPlan will collect data from Flagstaff residents, businesses, and visitors through three (3) distinct surveys. 

This study featured a telephone survey conducted with 674 residents living in the MetroPlan-Greater Flagstaff service area. Survey participants were randomly selected to participate in the survey.

Thank you for participating in our first online survey! Below is a summary of the results. 

Thank you! We learned so much from our first survey. The 2nd survey allowed us to dive deeper and explore more of how and why we travel the way we do.

Stride Forward 

These documents will be incorporated into the final Stride Forward transportation plan for Flagstaff. 

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Let's Stride Forward, together
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