Who We Are

Guiding Principles
  • MetroPlan is focused:

    • Adopts clearly delineated objectives

    • Provides ambitious and credible solutions

    • Strategically plans for political and financial realities and possibilities

  • MetroPlan leads regional partners:

    • Provides targeted, effective and prolific communication to “speak with one voice”

    • Advocates for implementation, coordination and commitment

    • Provides collaborative leadership among and through its partners

    • Accountable for leveraging plans that lead to successful construction and services

  • MetroPlan leverages resources:

    • Strategically leverages project champions and other plans

    • Writes and secures competitive grants

  • MetroPlan plans for resiliency:

    • Invests time and resources to expand mode choice

  • MetroPlan is fair and equally representative

  • MetroPlan builds trust and credibility

    • Exhibits integrity in its work products

    • Exercises openness and transparency

    • Delivers on its promises


Leverage cooperation to maximize financial and political resources for a premier transportation system. 


To create the finest

transportation system in the



Jurisdictions that make up MetroPlan are the City of Flagstaff, Coconino County, Northern Arizona University, the Northern Arizona Intergovernmental Public Transportation Authority, and the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT).

Executive Board




Flagstaff City Council


Board Member

Flagstaff City Council


Board Member

Arizona State Transportation Board Member


Alternate Board Member

Vice-Mayor, Flagstaff City Council



Coconino County

Board of Supervisors

District 1


Board Member

Flagstaff City Council


Board Member

Coconino County

Board of Supervisors

District 2


Alternate Board Member

Coconino County

Board of Supervisors

District 4


The Executive Board acts as a policy body, coordinating and directing transportation planning, implementation, and related activities within the MetroPlan boundary.

The MetroPlan Executive Board consists of six voting seats as follows:

  • 3 members of the Flagstaff City Council

  • 2 members of the Coconino County Board of Supervisors

  • 1 member of the State Transportation Board or their designee

  • 1 member appointed by the NAIPTA Board of Directors

The MetroPlan Executive Board shall meet at least four times per year as per the direction of the Executive Board. The notices of the meetings shall conform to the Open Meeting Laws of Arizona.


MetroPlan's Executive Board is responsible for all actions, agreements, and functions to be carried out by the Flagstaff Metropolitan Planning Organization, including but not limited to: 

  • Serving in a review capacity to ensure that all federal and state assisted development projects are consistent with integrated regional transportation plans and programs;

  • Accepting contributions and grants-in-aid;

  •  Contracting with the Federal Government for planning assistance and other transportation-related planning projects, products, and services; and 

  • Establishing and maintaining policy-level relations and positions, including those regarding proposed legislation, with local, regional, state, and federal policy organizations.

  • Other products that are deemed essential may be authorized by the Executive Board, and specified in the Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP).

Management Committee



MetroPlan's Management Committee consists of the Flagstaff City Manager, the Coconino County Manager, the ADOT District Engineer, the NAIPTA chief executive officer (CEO), and a member of the President’s office of NAU, or their respective designated alternates. 


The Management Committee may meet as it deems appropriate to review the MetroPlan Executive Board agenda and to provide input or advice to MetroPlan staff and/or the MetroPlan Executive Board.  



The Management Committee has authority to advise MetroPlan's Executive Director and the Executive Board. Primary area of emphasis is on the policy direction of the Management Committee members’ respective jurisdictions and any bearing such direction has on the development of the MetroPlan work program or its implementation. 


Technical Advisory Committee



MetroPlan Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) has authority and primary responsibility to conduct technical reviews and analyses regarding all work activities of the UPWP, and any related issues as specified by the MetroPlan Executive Board, and to so advise the Executive Board and staff on appropriate actions to be taken.​


MetroPlan’s TAC is composed of technical and/or managerial staff representatives from each of the participating agencies.  In addition, there may be one or more non-voting representative each from the Federal Highways Administration (FHWA), and Federal Transit Administration (FTA). 


​The MetroPlan TAC shall be responsible for:

  • Reviewing, studying, analyzing, and as appropriate, making recommendations to the MetroPlan Executive Board and staff on issues germane to the MetroPlan;

  • Regularly reporting to the Executive Board on Technical Advisory Committee activity through the MetroPlan Executive Director.


MetroPlan Staff


Executive Director


Business Manager


Planning Manager

Partner Agencies

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