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Slow Streets
Demonstration and Pilot Projects

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the artists?

MetroPlan is thrilled to announce the Artist Selection for the Cheshire Slow Street project funded by Bloomberg Philanthropies in partnership with Creative Flagstaff: Dana Kamberg is an artist and educator at Northern Arizona University. Frequently immersed in public art, narrative portraiture, and graphic design/illustration, her exterior works can be seen throughout Flagstaff in the form of murals and vinyl wraps. Kayley Quick is a 20-year Flagstaff resident and has taught art/graphic design to students for over a decade and has completed many local murals. 

Who’s painting?

This is a community effort! The artists will lead the design of the artwork and coordinate with the students of FALA and the residents of Cheshire. We are seeking volunteers like YOU in the community to paint the roadway.

Who’s maintaining the art?

As a temporary project, we anticipate the art itself to last between 3 – 9 months depending on exposure to the elements and use. Once the data gathering is completed, along with the demise of the art, the asphalt art may be power washed away. Future investments may be made by the City and/or community partners to support a more permanent solution.

Where is the painting event?

Cheshire Park @ 3000 N. Fremont Blvd.

How do we get to Cheshire Park?

Parking is limited. Please consider using alternative transportation. Mountain Line Rte 5 will take you to the event. Saturday May bus rides and increased service on Rte 5. Please note Fremont Blvd road closures, 5/16 through 5/18.


What should we plan for at the painting event?

  • Wear sunblock and a large brim hat. There will be little shade in the painting areas.

  • Dress appropriately - be prepared to get paint on your clothes - the paint does not wash out

  • Shoe attire - tennis shoes are best, not sandals or flip flops. You may get paint on your shoes as well.

  • Bring water and plan to drink at least every half hour

  • Bring a snack in case of hunger.  There may or may not be food available or for purchase.

  • We love pets, but not everyone does.  Please leave your pets at home for this event.

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