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Regional Crash Data and Maps

On this page, you will find data, reports, maps, and other resources related to Transportation Safety in the Flagstaff region. 

Observations from preliminary findings: 

The Crash Data in review comes from the Arizona Crash Information System provided by the Arizona  Department of Transportation (ADOT). The data under analysis is from 2017-2021 (the last 5 years) as the most recent data available. 

Totals and percentages over the last 5 years:

  • Total crashes: Over 10,000 crashes

  • Total serious injuries: 3,450 

  • Total fatalities:  62 deaths

  • Pedestrian crashes: 1.5% of all crashes and 28.1% of fatal crashes

  • Bike crashes: 1.5% of all crashes and 7% of fatal crashes

  • Impaired driving: 5.6% of all, 36.8% of fatal

  • Unrestrained (No seatbelt): 7.9% of all, 31.6% of fatal

As more data analysis takes place, stats and findings will be regularly updated.

Total Crashes over 5 years_Barchart.JPG
Crash Data Visualization Map

This map presents crash data for the Metro Plan Flagstaff Region for the most recent five years of available data covering January 1, 2017, to December 31, 2021. You can zoom in and out of the map and explore crashes over the last 5 years of Arizona Crash Information Systems (ACIS) Data. This map represents the total number of crashes and not the total number of people involved in a crash.

Click on the map below to explore or visit

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